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What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

Permanent Makeup is the art and science of implanting color into your skin. It is putting the right color in the right place, so you can look better naturally. Specialized instruments allow your cosmetic tattooing professional to place color into the layer of skin known as the dermis. Because the outermost layer on skin, the epidermis, is always shedding and renewing itself, you are looking at the color through a thin veil of skin. When a procedure is completed, the color will flake off during the healing process, lightening the overall effect. Because the color is placed in your skin and not on your skin, a more natural, softer look results. Cosmetic tattoo is a way to save time and make your life easier. Wake up every morning with perfect make up. Go for a swim, to the gym, have a run, play tennis, golf, shower or perspire, and your make up won’t smudge or run off.

Reasons for Cosmetic Tattooing
  • You just need more time.
  • Sensitive skin or allergies.
  • You wear glasses or contact lenses or have had Lasik surgery or watery eyes that smudge your eyeliner.
  • Arthritis or painful hands.
  • Difficulty applying make up, or you don’t like the way it smears and disappears.
  • Aging changes in brows, lips, eyes.
  • Active, outdoor lifestyles.
  • Alopecia or other causes of loss of hair.
What is microblading?

Microblading IS NOT FOR EVERY SKIN TYPE !!! The longevity is also minimal compared to the accuracy of machine work with the thinnest needles. It’s important to do your research ladies. Cost should never be a factor. It’s your face so an experienced tattooist is imperative. With micbloblading there are great benefits but also downfalls.

You still cannot get your brows microbladed over and over for years and not expect some superficial scarring. I’m saying this as a knowledgable tattooist who does both methods. There is a place for microblading but it’s not always the case. I spend half of my time doing removals and corrections on other people work because unfortunately clients didn’t do their research. Please whoever you chose as a consumer is important to look at credentials. Microblading is an advanced skill and it needs experience in manual tattooing. Or long term effects can be detrimental to your skin.

Look at portfolio and the certifications and insurance. Also make sure that Ottawa public health has certified the establishment as safe. As a consumer it’s your DUTY to do your proper research. Microblading right now is like the new lash extensions in the tattooing industry. No licence is require as a microblader or a cosmetic tattooist or body tattooist. So it seems everybody is trying to fill the market by offering this service.

It’s no joke when I have to do a correction on a healed brow that did not go as planned. I hope I’ve helped any one of you with more info. I’m not looking for more business by saying these things as I’m busy enough. I’m simply trying to inform many of you ladies about the Microblading “fad”.

I can assure you my clients don’t pick my tools for performing a service and it’s important to ask to see HEALED work not just right after. Healed and longevity of the tattoo is important. Every good technician should have documented healed work from 6 weeks plus. This is when quality and knowledge are at play.

Why is cosmetic tattooing called “permanent” if it fades?

There are many things that can fade a cosmetic tattoo, such as continuous exposure to UV light (sunlight) as well as certain anti-aging, exfoliating and brightening skincare products.

The pigments used for permanent cosmetics for the eyebrow and lip area are formulated to fade over time. This allows you to refresh your look as you age or as your style changes.

It is called “permanent makeup” because the pigment particles stay in the skin permanently.

Eyeliner pigment is much more permanent than other types of permanent makeup.

Calculating the amount of time that pigment will stay is not an exact science as there are many factors that can increase or decrease the longevity of the pigment.

You are never “locked” into continuing services with your permanent cosmetics provider. You can allow your permanent makeup to fade away over time, and use the gradually disappearing pigment as a guide for the application of makeup.

You can also plan to do a color boost every one to four years to brighten up your permanent makeup or even alter the shape.

I have severe allergies, are your products safe for me?

I have never turned away a client due to an allergy concern. In fact, many clients actually get cosmetic tattooing because they can’t topical cosmetics due to allergic sensitivities.

If you have strong concerns about possible allergic reactions, please email me and I am happy to provide more information that you can discuss with your doctor.

As with other types of procedures, like going to the dentist, there are always potential causes for allergic reactions, such as cleansers, anesthetics and aftercare treatment.

If you do have issues with allergies in a dental office, then send me an email with your concerns and I am happy to discuss alternatives.

Can I book a consultation?

Due to the high demand of our services, every effort is made to allow you to see the full scope and caliber of our work between this website and the more current Facebook page. Do your research and read through the information provided and read my testimonials.

Should you still desire a face-to-face meeting, please schedule a 30-minute consultation by sending me an email. There is a fee for consultations.

Should you choose to schedule your appointment, and after we talk, and complete forms and draw your design, if you are not 100% certain, we do not have to proceed. The $25.00 consultation fee will not be retained and the appointment can end at that time.

To book a procedure date a deposit of $100 is required at the time of booking.

Does it hurt?

The easy answer is “No”.


  • This is a tattooing procedure meaning needles are used to place pigment in the skin.
  • We use anesthetics for all of our procedures. You will be repeatedly asked if you are comfortable.
  • In most cases, clients report that on a scale of 1-10 of pain, that they feel between a 1-3.
Can I have permanent cosmetic services done when I am pregnant or nursing?

My policy is to NOT tattoo during pregnancy or nursing. We want the best for your baby, and your face – and it is just safer to wait. It is documented that anesthetic IS excreted in breast milk.

Do you have any references?

Check out my testimonials page and you can also see many 5 star ratings on my Facebook Page!

Do I need to take time off work for my procedure?


In most cases you will be able to show off your new brows immediately following your appointment. Your brows may be slightly bolder than the desired result but that will fade as your brows heal.


We would suggest taking the remainder of the day off but there is no reason to miss any additional time in most cases. Occasionally you may experience swelling in the mornings for the first few days, however this usually subsides within an hour after rising.


It’s a good idea to have take the day off for the day of your appointment and then take an additional day for your comfort. In most cases this is sufficient. The bulk of the healing is in most cases finished by day 4 or 5.

Who is a good candidate for permanent cosmetics?
  • Busy people.
  • People with allergies to cosmetics.
  • People with seasonal allergies that make their eyes water.
  • People that exercise and sweat their cosmetics off.
  • People that enjoy water sports and hot holidays.
  • People with arthritic hands that struggle with makeup application.
  • People with other physical limitations to application.
  • People that have lost their brows due to illness.
  • People that have had scarring due to injury.
  • People with alopecia.
  • People that struggle to apply makeup properly.
  • Young, mature and very mature! (Must be 18 years – 100+ years young)
What is the long term maintenance for permanent cosmetics?

You are not committed to long term maintenance of your permanent cosmetics. You can choose not to get a touch up, and the pigment will slowly fade over time.

The pigment used for eyeliner has the most longevity. You may opt for a boost in five years although your liner may still look great in 10 years. It is not an exact science.

You may need a colour boost for your lips within 2 to 5 years, again it is not an exact science.

Eyebrow colour boosts are the most often requested.

The hair stroke method for brows will often fade faster than the powder method, however sun exposure and skincare ingredients such as retinol can reduce the longevity of either method.

Why do some people call it “microblading” and say it is not really tattooing?

Permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing, brow feathering, micro blading, brow embroidery or whatever you want to call it is ALL tattooing because you are placing pigment beneath the epidermis.

I strongly encourage you to view all invasive procedures of placing pigment into the skin as tattooing. Choose an artist carefully, confirm training and view portfolios to see healed work before engaging in a service. Certifications should be readily available for your artist to share.

All establishments that offer permanent cosmetic services should be inspected annually by your local health authorities as well as the artist should have a current certification in working with blood-borne pathogens.

Do you shave off my existing eyebrow hair?

No, the natural hairs that you have within your new desired shape are left intact. Hairs outside of the desired shape are shaved or tweezed and will need to be groomed on an ongoing basis just like a natural groomed brow.

What special pre- and post-procedure care is involved with a lip procedure?

Permanent cosmetic lip services disrupt the tissue of the lips. For many invasive cosmetic services in the lip and surrounding tissue a prescribed prophylactic antiviral (cold sore medication) must be started prior to your procedure.

My policy is NOT to proceed without proof of this prescription.

The prescription does not guarantee that you will not have a reaction, however it greatly reduces the chances.

A second prescription, (Xerese), an ointment with antiviral medication and a steroid that is applied topically for those with a history of lesions is also recommended to use the week following your service.

I am afraid I may move during my eyeliner procedure…

I have worked on many people that came in very stressed and concerned about their body’s reaction to the procedure. I can assure you that we use the highest quality anesthetics that are safe for the eye. I will talk you through the procedure so that you are absolutely comfortable.

What about sterilization and sanitation?

Please be assured that your health and safety are most important to us. Sanitary surroundings, sterile equipment, disposable needles and quality products are a must. I am extensively trained and certified in Blood Borne Pathogens and safety procedures.

With that in mind, please do not bring outside food into the studio, as I strive for a clean environment for you.

Do you have a cancellation list or can I pay more to get in sooner?

Sorry, I do not accept cash incentives for earlier appointments. I do not have a cancellation list at this time.

If you have a question, please submit it here.

Do I give gratuity?

Permanent makeup is a personalized beauty service; therefore, gratuities are given only at your discretion. To give you a guide, most clients give a similar gratuity as they would give their hair stylist.  Gratuities are never expected but always appreciated.

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