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Your eyes express who you really are. Eyeliner by Anita is natural and gorgeous, bringing out the best your eyes have to offer.  Anita can apply permanent eyeliner in many styles and colours, from a soft, natural looking lash enhancement to a dramatic defined line. Eyeliner can be applied on the upper or lower lid, depending on your preference. The tattooing occurs at Anita’s clean and professional studio. A follow up appointment is scheduled 6-8 weeks after the procedure to check on how the procedure has healed and if any further work is needed.

Dramatic Eyeliner (also known as Latino/winged or flick)

This is a very dramatic eyeliner with a fashion flick towards the end of the eye.  This is for the client who loves the look of a thin or thick dramatic eyeliner. It’s a fashion statement.

Coloured Eyeliner

This can be fine in ANY colour of your preference in order to bring out your natural eye colour or simply done in your favourite colour. This is for the client who loves the not so natural look and enjoys having a pop of colour to enhance her eyes.

Lash Enhancement

A thin black line through out the natural lash line. This is great when seeking natural. Not the commitment of  an eyeliner but simply to enhance one’s natural beauty of the eyes. This technique is great for making the eyes stand out with making the natural lash base darker and thicker. Giving the illusion of thick lashes.

Smoky Eyeliner

Also know as smudge eyeliner. This is a soft eyeliner enhancement that gives the look of a powdery colour above the natural lash line. Any colour can be done in this technique. For  the client who enjoys a softer approach to makeup.

All cosmetic tattooed eyeliners are designed and involved with clients needs and wants. Anything can be customizable to your request. Anita can recommend what technique would suit better your eyes and lifestyle. All require colour boost every few years to maintain its look and colour.

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