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Your eyebrows set the tone for your look, and shape and contour are everything. Brows by Anita are uniquely yours. Anita will consult with you to understand your needs, to ensure you get exactly the brows you want. She will advise you on what is the perfect blend of colours and after meticulous measurement and template placement, you’ll be able to approve the final design. The tattooing takes place in a clean and professional environment, and is relatively painless. It takes a few weeks to heal, but once that’s done, your life will be instantly more carefree and convenient!


This procedure is one of the the most requested of techniques. Also referred to 3D brows,  Feathering , Embroidering and Microstroke brows. This type of technique is preformed with a manual tool with a grouping of needles to create ultra thin hair strokes to mimic natural hair. This is great way to add more structure and flow to the already existing natural brow. This is for the client seeking ultra natural results. This is a tattoo and does require maintenance. Not suitable for all skin types. touch ups every 12 -18 months approx depending on skin type.

Machine Hair Strokes

This type of procedure is done using the best of advanced technology. This technique is preformed using the best of quality HD ( high definition ) needles on the market. Creating the thinnest of hair strokes with accuracy. This procedure helps to provides structure in a non existing brow to the ones also seeking more natural look in following their natural flow of hair pattern. Suitable for most skin types. Touch ups  are required every 12-24 months depending on skin type.


This is a procedure that is performed with the best of digital and rotary technology. It creates the lightest dust of colour to a dark depth of colour through out the natural eyebrow. This is for the client seeking a more polished look. Colour depth varies from client to client depending on their needs and wants. Suitable for all skin types. Colour boosts are required every 24-36 months or more depending on skin type.


This type of procedure is the best of both worlds and our most popular one . It provides natural thin hair strokes for a better brow structure and a depth of colour through out either light to dark depending on clients needs and wants. This is performed with machine work and/or microblading and/or HD needles. This is the most requested procedures as it suits all skin types and great for all age groups. Great for the client that is seeking a well defined brow. Colour boost/touch ups are required every 12-36 months depending on skin type.

All procedures are customizable depending on client’s skin type and client’s undertone. All techniques are tattoos either with machine work or manual tools. Anita will advise on what technique is suitable for your specific needs and wants. As a certified cosmetic tattooist she is trained on all techniques. All cosmetic tattooing require touch ups/colour boost. Colour will fade with time and does require maintenance to upkeep the longevity of the look and appearance.

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