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Anita works with many incredible and brave people, who have undergone cancer treatment, have conditions that affect hair growth or have scarring. Anita’s compassionate approach to cosmetic tattooing means you will be in great hands when it comes time for your procedure. You will come for a consult at her immaculate studio, and she will discreetly discuss your needs and desires. The tattooing will take place and after you’ve had a chance to heal, Anita will follow up to see if any touch ups are required.

Trichotillomania is also known as a hair pulling disorder. People often acknowledge that they do this but unfortunately it’s a a very hard habit to brake. It can cause such emotional stress to not have eyebrows so Anita works with every individual client to design a specific eyebrow that best suits their needs and wants. Restoration is done by tattooed hair strokes to mimic an ultra natural brow.

Correction / neutralization 

Anita specializes in corrective work from previously tattooed clients. With so many unqualified microbladers and cosmetic tattoo artists, corrective work is done to improve mediocre work to something much better. A proper shape and colour are put into play when designing a new tattoo to a client’s wants and needs.

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